Monday, June 30, 2014

eye's down for a full house...

All eyes from the cycling world were focused firmly on Yorkshire recently. The Tour de France Grand Départ 2014? No, you’re well off the mark there, think much, much bigger. Yes it was the annual lottery to see who gets one of the coveted 650 starting places in the annual 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross race in September. 

Remembering that this year I’ve said I’m going to attempt it, picture me (and thousands of other CX racers) sitting at home staring at the computer to see if a lucky e-mail arrives. It should be worth noting that this is a lottery you can rig in your favour if you are willing to make the sacrifice. A guaranteed place is available to those brave enough to marshal at the event, or in my case regular readers will remember I spent a freezing cold Saturday with YCCA setting out the excellent Bradford National Trophy race. But I’ve learned to never confuse theory with practice. So I waited and waited, and finally it came….

“An invitation has now been issued for Ted Sarmiento - MV40 to enter this event”

Photo by Neil Hendry (PH-Mas cycling team)

I’ve don’t it! I’m in! Oh crap, I’m in.

Then social media lights up like a Christmas tree… You in? I’m in. And for the next few days you get to see who’s in and who’s out. Both parties celebrating in their own way. In also are cxmagazine teammates Edwyn and Joanna. I’ll do exceptionally well to come third in our team. 

But I’m in and now I’d better get on with the show. Or as club mate Paul put in very succinctly “the 3 peaks pretty much ruins my summer”. So with my summer riding ruined it’s time to plan for the big race, now just three months away. Yikes!

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