Sunday, November 17, 2013

National Trophy Round 3 Durham

National Trophy Round 3 Durham

View from 'The Pits'

Today's pits are purely metaphorical. Relegated to almost last place on the start grid for failing to score any points yet this season, I began another National Trophy race in Durham at the back of the pack. No matter, I set to and immediately got past the guy ahead. Now just another 42 to go.

Unlucky for me, but no doubt lucky for others (pretty much everyone else), today's course was flat, almost non-technical and the dryish surface meant the bigger engines were going to do better. That said it was a perfect day for my do-it-all mixed surface tyres, so no moaning about that. However with plenty of curves, twists and turns I could perhaps gain a little something here and there. The duck boards and steps helped a little too. Then there was Durhamberg, an almost life size replica of Bradford's infamous 'wall'. I also liked this feature as my two race compadres seemed not to.

Also, and very unusually, this was a race conducted entirely on my BIG chainring, something regular readers will remember I discovered I'd been carrying around on my 'cross bike at this course last year. OK, when I say big, we're talking 42 teeth (you're welcome Katie Compton) but not needing the small ring gives you an idea just how flat and dry it was.

One again after almost 40 mins I had the race leader bearing down on me pretty hard, so on my penultimate lap I ignored my two race mates and stepped on the gas. It almost worked, I nearly had the gap but that lap took so much effort, I ended up giving it all back during our last lap, while the prizes were being presented to the winners elsewhere. Don't they know we're still racing? Seems not and nor did the spectators crossing the course. By the stairs I knew the game was up. No matter, another race un-lapped is a minor but significant success at this level.

Massive rides from team mates Steve and Sarah and club 'cross big hitter Paul, points a plenty there. Hey guys, got any you can spare? A special thanks to all those shouting from the sides, and PIT supremo Callum for another 5 star performance.

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