Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ted @ cxne Round 10 Sooth Sheels

I really shouldn't like this race course, it largely flat, boggy grass, proper Belgian syle 'field riding' (veldridjen), with very few inclines and nothing resembling an actual hill. But what the organisers do is use every bit of camber and gradient to the max and make a few selected sections proper nasty tricky. So they change the available land into an excellent cyclo-cross course, and I love it. But perhaps not today. 

Something didn't quite gel, and I can't say what, but the gas tank felt like I was on reserve the whole way, and I felt I was was just getting going towards the race end. Never mind, I still had a blast. First job of the day was to field test the new lighter (but not much) Scott Addict CX with the natty addition of some white Silicone Tidds. I gave the bike a good 25 minutes worth of laps before deciding that the mud was clogging the tyres and it was time to get a fresh rig. 

Pause for a message from today's race blog sponsors:
I can confirm the Tidds did exactly what they promise and I managed to 1) Save Weight 2) Maintain threads and 3) Etc. [bearing in mind that "top two bullets are pretty much it.”]

New bike, new attitude. I got down to some Time Trialling through the mud. With just a fraction of hesitation I piled through the blind corner taking Steve's unconventional Sven line and just happened to notice a massive bike swallowing puddle. They say 'if you look there you go there' and I dived in at top speed and braced myself to go flying over the bars. But what actually happened was just a massive splash and I soaked myself head to toe (especially toes) in the swamp water and came flying out the other side. Result! 

Well, nothing left for but to keep plugging away. I sensed this wasn't going to be my finest CX hour (well anyway 40 mins for Vets/Women/Juniors) but there was a chase to keep on. I managed to get the gap down to less than 5 meters but my race day buddy had me tagged, and just stepped on his reserve to keep his position secure, well raced. The leaders pulled past me and in truth I was glad to be lapped and end the torment. Wish I was back on Boxing Day like last year, but all that pudding isn't going to eat itself.

Race result 33rd Vet

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